The 2019 F.N.C.L.S. Seminar will be held on Friday 22 & Saturday 23 February at the same venue as for the past three years, Ramada Hotel & Suites, 2 Martin Street, Ballina.

As with last year we will be combining with Lawcover to offer a full coverage of all compulsory units so that members can obtain all their points at the one time. Also as for the last three years the Saturday units will be presented by barristers from 12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers.

I am not going to have a split session on the Friday afternoon as it was not very well attended last year and adds substantially to the cost of the event.

 The fees for the seminar are:

  • $400.00 per person
  • An extra $50.00 for the dinner on Friday evening.

Please see links below to download the Program and 2019 Seminar Circular .

John H Maxwell
Conference Organiser, FNCLS